The Big
April 14th. & 15th. 2018 Antwerp-Expo  Antwerpen BE)

Take all rubbish home with you! pets allowed!
Large International Dollshouses, Miniatures, Dolls and Teddy Bears Fair.
The dolls, teddy bears, dollshouses and dollhouseminiatures fair takes place in the Antwerp Expo Hall 2 (see
picture above)
The fair takes place in parallel with the major int. dolls and teddy bears Fair open Saturday from 10:00 to 17:00
and Sunday from 11:00 to 16:00
Exhibit space is assigned/chosen on a first-reserved; first-served basis. Relocation of Booth Space - Should it
become necessary, the organization reserves the right to relocate an exhibitor for the good of the Show.
Exhibitors shall also comply with all reasonable requests of the fair organizers with respect to the installation,
construct and disassembly of their displays.
It is only possible to register for both days. Cancellations
received between  the date of your application and 8 weeks prior to the fair will result in a cancellation fee of      
€ 40,- 8 weeks before the fair will result in a cancellation fee for the total amount of the space you rented.
There is a large map in the hallway lined up at the information booth. A list of participants will be published on the
website no later than early April 2018  following a plan.
There are also signs on the table with your name and booth number for the findability to facilitate your stand for
the visitors. The signs are not to take home but remain the property of the organization! It would be nice if you
returnyour sign and badges at the information booth or at least leaving them on your table after the fair.

Timetable exhibitors:
Buildup times: Friday April 13th. from 12:00 to 18:00
Saturday April 14th.: from 7:00 am to 9:15 pm. if there is a crowd in the visitor entrance  the doors open
already open at 9:30 (Saturday only).
Sunday, the hall is open for exhibitors at 10:00 and is open for visitors at 11.00. The fair is open for visitors on
Saturday from 10:00 to 17:00 and Sunday from 11:00 to 16:00.
Exhibitors who have yet to settle their invoice: Please settle before the fair opens at the information stand with
exact change (no Visa cards only cash in euros).
Except during the build up day, during the trading days there is a parking fee at the parkingspace of ​​Antwerp
Expo € 8, - per day. However, there is free parking on the road near Antwerp Expo
The toilets are managed by a cleaning company, using the toilet surcharge.

An envelope with your name, containing your badges for you and your employees and a voucher for seat (s) is
ready on your table. Your badge is for verification, during the up / dismantling and the exhibition days. You must
wear your badge visibly. The badges are not for family or friends who come as visitors !!
To prevent too many people standing in behind your table(s), we have a maximum number of persons and
badges per stand:
2/3 and 4 meter = 2 badges, ie two people behind the stand.
5/6 meter = 3 to 4 badges, that is up to 4 people behind the stand.
7/8 meter = 4/5 badges, ie 4/5 behind the stand.
9/10 meter and + = 5 badges, ie 5 people behind the stand.
If you want to be with more people behind the stand, you can order additional badges for employees (no charge).

A row position in the hall means you have colleagues beside and behind you, a wall position speaks for itself.
Tables on the wall and in a row position have a sit / stand space of 1,30 meters behind the table. The tables in
Antwerp Expo are 2 meters in length 70 cm deep and 75 cm. high. Tables with a length of 4 meters have left and
right of the table a exit to be also shared with other colleagues to walk in and out,  no boxes or other obstacles
(chair) must be placed in the exit this also for fire regulations. A headstand is always 4 meters and 2 meters of
space behind the tables and is at the beginning or end of a row. Floor area is 1 square meter, for example, next
to the table in order to place a rack and has a value of one meter.


The hall is lit outstanding! A power supply for two days will cost you € 48.40 incl. VAT. in our opinion, additional
lighting is not necessary ... but if you still want a connection than you ask for one in your application form. The
powerconnection is in close proximity to your table one powerbox with two or more inputs. Only one entry is for
you (unless you ordered two connectors), the other for your colleagues who have ordered power. Bring plenty of
extension cords with manifold, so you can connect multiple lamps. Pay attention! One power supply must not
exceed a total of 500 watts! It is not allowed to 'borrow' electricity because you "only" have one or two spots (or
coffeemachine) with you, at unauthorized use, you will receive an invoice of € 48.40 to be paid in cash and which
have to be settled on the spot! Kettles or Senseo Devices are usually too "heavy" for a connection of 500 watts.
keep that in mind. Also look for our tip to work with a "dry" battery if you often are attending fairs it can bring you
many benefits.


Each exhibitor gets two folding chairs available for free. Do you need more chairs please inform us at the latest 3
weeks before the fair.

Ready in time.
Make sure your booth Saturday morning at 9:30 am is ready. Exhibitors who are not set up by the show opening
or exhibitors who begin breaking down their booths prior to the published closing time of the show will lose their
rights to participate in future Shows.
The fair entrance for visitors is already open Saturday at 9:30 am when a long line of people waiting at the
entrance. Sunday no earlier than 11:00. Urgent request: Do not invite visiting friends, girlfriends or your family
behind your stand!  It is maybe nice for you, but you supply disruption for your fellow exhibitors who stand beside
or behind you. There is free WIFI in the hall.
STAND (tables)
It is mandatory to provide your table (s) on the front and back with drapes/tablecloths that reach about 10 above
the ground !! This is to avoid that visitors see your boxes / packaging etc., it is very sloppy and that's not the
intention. As an organization, we want to give our fairs a more attractive appearance and high end, you will notice
that your sales increase!

Expanding your tables
Respect your colleague next to you with the layout of your stand! Placing own packed tables c.q tabletops to
deepen your stand is allowed, provided you have a wall place, if your tables are in a row you have to consult with
your colleagues so your colleagues are not hampered by an extension.  It may under no circumstances lead to
discussion or misunderstandings. Expanding your table may in any case not in the direction of the aisle or the
length (exit area), keep in mind that you have lost your own walking space behind the tables after the 'deepening'
of your tables.  Once come across the above symptoms, you must, without any discussion, bring back your tables
to its original state, take this into account before you are going to expand! Firefighters prescription: Your sales
space is limited to the space where your table is on, aisles, emergency exits and fire reels must remain free of
goods and / or other obstacles.

Prohibited:There are no bins available, you should take all rubbish home with you when you leave,
don't leave it to someone else to clear up your rubbish. ... !
SMOKING: It is forbidden to smoke in the entire complex .

Important: It is not allowed to leave or to clear out or break down your booth, riding goods trolleys, etc.prior to
the published closing time of the show! Exhibitors who begin breaking down their booths prior to the published
closing time of the show will lose their rights to participate in future Shows. The unloading doors go after the end
of the exhibition Saturday at 17:15 Sunday open at 16.15.
Pets - No pets except those needed for disability reasons are allowed on the Show floor.

Theft: Put your handbag in a "safe" place.  Saturday afternoon: Cover your table with a tablecloth or sheet after
closing hours of the fair and attach your cloth  with safety pins attached to the sheet on your table. Never leave
your table unattended and wear your money on your body (hip bag or something similar).
Neither Niesje Wolters van Bemmel, or staff members nor the owners, employees or representatives of the
Antwerp Expo will be responsible for any injury, loss or damage that may occur to the exhibitor or to the
exhibitors’ employees or property prior, during or subsequent to the period covered by the exhibit contract.

Perhaps a lot of "rules" but above creates a pleasant atmosphere and a wonderful show!
We wish you a pleasant and successful exhibition!